Yusif just had to share the Good News.

It was risky. But he had to know more.

When Yusif saw a Global Heart Ministries’ post about Jesus on Facebook he wanted to know more but was afraid of being discovered. For the first time in his life, he was moved to take that chance. With one click, he met online with one of our Connect Center team members.

Yusif lives in a very closed Central Asian country. Over 96 percent of people have never heard about Jesus. Political and cultural forces filter information, setting up barriers that prevent people from hearing the truth. Religious oppression leaves many without hope—fearful of learning more about Jesus.

Today you can help people like Yusif by giving them access to the message of Jesus in the most unreached region of the world.

Despite the risks, Yusif proceeded. After messaging privately, our team member connected him to a church leader in his hometown. Even though the risk was great for both of them, the church leader shared the Gospel, and Yusif gave his life to Christ.

“Wait here!” Yusif said. “I want to get my friend and bring him to talk with you.” He went and got his friend, Elison, and he too indicated a decision to follow Jesus.

At first Elison was cautious. In the Middle East and Central Asia trusting in Jesus can mean isolation from family and community or even imprisonment. But as God worked in Elison’s heart, he too became eager to share Jesus. He said, “Please wait here. I want you to share Jesus with Talus, my friend.”

When they arrived, the church leader couldn’t even get a word in. As a brand new believer, Elison excitedly shared the Gospel with his friend and when he finished, Talus also indicated his decision to trust in Christ.

You can help share the Good News of Jesus—through innovative technology and connection to the persecuted church—to people who cannot help but pass on.

Most people think it’s not possible to reach men and women in Central Asia because of persecution. But reaching people in these countries is possible. At Global Heart Ministries, we use tools like smartphones and social media to connect with spiritual seekers. Using the very latest technology, we bypass barriers, share the message of Jesus and bring hope to people surrounded by spiritual darkness.

People not only have the opportunity to hear about Jesus. They can correspond with someone in our Connect Center who can answer their questions about faith and help them connect to a local church in their area. We also provide faith-building resources to help people study their Bible, grow spiritually and share the truth with others.

That’s the difference your partnership makes. Your support doesn’t just impact one person. It has a ripple effect as people hear the Gospel, respond in faith and share it with others who’ve never heard.

Together we can share Jesus with more people like Yusif who are searching for hope. And together we can see people pass on the Good News to their family members and friends until all of Central Asia hears the truth of Jesus.

Now more than ever, people need to hear the Gospel—and together we can share it in the most unreached region of the world. Through innovative technology and digital media, Global Heart Ministries shares the message of Jesus with people searching for hope and helps connect them to the persecuted church where they can develop relationships and grow in their faith.

Will you share Jesus with people who long to know Him and cannot wait to share the hope they’ve found? 

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