Elmira was being blackmailed—she found freedom in Jesus

Elmira’s life felt hopeless.

For years she’d endured her husband’s alcoholism, unfaithfulness and abuse. Finally, she filed for divorce. She wanted to build a better life for herself and her children, but it wasn’t easy.

When her trusted uncle found out she was divorced, he came to her home and assaulted her.

Then the blackmail started.

He told her if she went to the police, he would harm her children.

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In Azerbaijan the rights of women are rarely acknowledged or protected. Unmarried women frequently face public harassment, especially by men. Without friends or family members around them, they’re especially vulnerable to harm or abuse.

Elmira didn’t know what to do. When her ex-husband found out about the situation, he began threatening her too.

She went online searching for help. She saw a Global Heart Ministries’ social media post offering prayer in Jesus’ name and clicked.

Her life had become so difficult. She didn’t want to give into the blackmail. She feared going to local authorities. So she decided to commit suicide.

Just as she was planning to take her own life, Elmira’s phone rang. She stopped to answer it.

On the line was a team member from the Connect Center. He told her about Jesus and encouraged her to trust in the God who sees and protects her. He also prayed for her.

Elmira was stunned. She couldn’t believe the timing. She’d never heard this news before. And she couldn’t go through with her plans to end her life.

Our team member connected Elmira with an older woman in our church network who could help her with the trauma she’d experienced. As the two women talked, our host listened and explained forgiveness in Jesus.

With tears running down her face, Elmira asked if Jesus could really forgive her sins and wash away her shame. Our host continued to explain the truth of Jesus, and Elmira believed in Him!

“We are the weapons in God’s hands. We are His instruments. God’s timing is perfect. We were partakers of His deliverance,” our team member said.

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The Connect Center team helped Elmira file a police report against her uncle. He was arrested briefly, but he’ll soon be released pending trial.

Although she’s still in danger, she’s now surrounded by a loving, protective Christian community who’s caring for her and her children. They’ve helped her find a defense attorney and plan to walk alongside throughout this difficult process.

Despite the challenges Elmira continues to face, she told our team, “Jesus has taken away the shame of my story. I’m not ashamed to share it with others.”

Today there are millions of women and men all across Central Asia the Middle East who are desperately searching for help and hope. Through innovative technology and digital media, Global Heart Ministries shares the message of Jesus, provides faith-building resources and connects people to the persecuted church.

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