Central Asia and The Middle East have never been hungrier for the Gospel.  Through satellite broadcasts and omni-channel digital innovation, GHM delivers hope to the most oppressed countries in the world.


You’re surrounded by a government that monitors your internet, dictators who would imprison you, extremists who would kill you.


Converts from Islam in Central Asia and the Middle East face the harshest punishments for their faith: imprisonment, beatings, or even banishment. The outlawing of Christian materials and the absence of churches or pastors are barriers to the Gospel we must overcome. Satellite broadcasting bypasses government barriers to deliver the Gospel safely into the living rooms of millions of viewers. Since we broadcast from commercial satellites, which provide critical services like GPS and communications, our programs are not blocked.

What We Do


GHM incorporates high tech omni-channel digital outreach to mobile devices featuring international websites, Google Ads, social media, Bible apps, and satellite programming all of which lead them to a connection with an online evangelist.


Seekers respond to any of the multiple entry points and are connected with underground church leaders inside our target countries using leading edge secure technology. GHM partners to train hundreds of indigenous pastors with solid Biblical teaching.


God multiplies our impact in two key ways through our digital strategies and underground church leaders


hearing the Gospel in your language for the first time.

Our online evangelists and program hosts have lived in these regions and experienced the same challenges and persecution – they speak the “heart languages” of our seekers and viewers. God uses the cultural connection to open hearts to Jesus.

Our Programs


animals around the world

Using wild and exotic animals to tell Bible stories, this program is a powerful tool to introduce children to Jesus. In Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, these are the only Christian children’s programs broadcast in their languages.


sweet conversations – ‘I Am thankful’

Many Central Asian and Middle Eastern women exist as little more than slaves without value, rights or dignity. GHM is the only media ministry that creates, broadcasts and webcasts programs for women in several of our target countries, giving women Biblical insight and hope for the future.


bread of life

In Central Asian culture, men create the cultural and holiday meals. Following that tradition, our Men’s Testimony/ Cooking Program brings former Muslim Uzbek men together for fellowship and community, revealing the power of forgiveness and humility through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Entry Points to The Gospel

Global Heart Ministries is employing frontline digital strategy and online evangelists to reach and connect people in our focus countries to healthy Christian communities on the ground. Using Websites, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Mobile Apps and Satellite Broadcasting, we can reach people who are searching online for answers about God and connect them to hidden communities of believers.

Seekers are joined to healthy Christian community

Strategic Goals for the Next 12 Months:

  • Reach 600,000 – people who engage in online content
  • Contacts of 7,000 – people who complete online contact forms
  • Connecting 700 – people planted in a healthy Christian church
  • Bible Downloads 12,000 – people downloading our free Bible app

GHM Leadership



Officers of the Board

Steve Sharp, President/CEO

Chris Walker, Chairman

Jason Denton, Secretary/Treasurer


Board Members:

Doris Sparks, Vice Chairman of Development

Cary Clayborn, Vice Chairman of Development

Jim Winblood, Development

Dr. Lynette Ogletree, Director, East Texas Network

Paola Saibene, Director for International Security

Matt Ramsey, International Security Team 


Advisory Board

Greg Garland

Terrance Ascot

Jack Haye

Stephanie Carter

John Johnson


Your gifts multiply the impact of GHM’s mission.


All first time donations will be doubled and all gifts over what you gave last year will be doubled!

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