Giving access to the message of Jesus in the most unreached region in the world

Using digital media, faith-building resources and connection to the persecuted church we give hope to those in need.

The message of Jesus is blocked in many parts of the world.

Political and cultural forces filter information setting up barriers to the truth. Religious oppression leaves people without hope.

Most think it’s not possible to reach people in this region because of persecution. But reaching the women and men in these countries is possible. We use tools like smartphones and social media to deploy our very latest technology. We bypass barriers, share the message of Jesus, and bring hope to the lost surrounded by spiritual darkness.

Connecting people to the message of Jesus

Reach with
Digital Media

People like you help bypass barriers to give individuals access to the Gospel through social media, satellite TV and video streaming.

Connect to the
Persecuted Church

Using geolocation we connect seekers and new believers to in-country partners who provide Christian community and support.

Provide Faith-Building Resources

Through online platforms, we provide Scripture-based mentoring, counseling and apologetics training in the languages of people across the region.


Join a growing community of monthly givers on mission to connect people to the persecuted church

People are starving for hope and we are tearing down barriers. Be a part of the movement that brings hope to the world. Become a Connector today!


We believe the Gospel changes everything.
Together, we can give everyone in Central Asia and the Middle East access to the message of Jesus in our lifetime.

Look what happened in the last 12 months…


Connections to a Local Church

Individuals who connected to a nearby church


Salvation Testimonies

Individuals who personally confirmed faith in Jesus with staff



Connected individuals baptized in a local church


Reading Bible

Connected individuals confirmed reading their Bible twice per week

Stories of Hope

3.19 billion people
have never heard the Gospel.

This means 41.6% of the world has virtually no exposure to Jesus. According to the Joshua Project, Central Asia is the most “unreached” region in the world. Global Heart is joining with local believers to reach the lost with the hope of Jesus.