It’s not always easy to share your faith. Here are five tips to help.

With only three percent of the population professing faith in Jesus, it’s challenging to share the Gospel in Central Asia. Christians face a very real threat of ostracism and persecution for talking about Jesus. Yet the Good News just isn’t something they can keep to themselves—despite the risks they want others to know the hope they’ve found in Him.  

Recently our local Connect Center team member, who just returned from serving in the Azerbaijan military, shared five things that helped him be a bold witness for Jesus while away at war. Even though he was the only Christian in his unit, God gave him favor with his commander and fellow soldiers. He had the opportunity to befriend men from warring Islamic groups, sharing the Gospel in a place where Jesus would never be known. Today he’s continuing the relationships that were formed and prays his comrades will come to faith as he shares more about the truth of Jesus.

His practical advice can help us better share our faith wherever God has placed us.  

  1. God has chosen you from the beginning. He made you. He knows you. And He wants to use you to reach others.
  2. God is sovereign and has a plan. If you’re questioning your circumstances, remember that God has orchestrated them. He placed you in that job, family or neighborhood to reach others with the Good News.
  3. Trust God with your fears. It’s easy to worry about what you should share or how others will respond. Acknowledge your fears, but don’t let them hold you back. Trust God to give you strength.
  4. Share truth with those around you. Talk about a biblical principles. Offer insight into a difficult situation. As people hear the truth you share, they’ll open up to learning more about the hope of Jesus.
  5. Be wise in how you share. Not everyone is receptive to the Gospel. Not all settings are ideal for talking about faith. So be wise in how you share, prayerfully following the Holy Spirit’s direction.

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