The Rope Around Sayeed’s Neck Broke—and He Got a Second Chance.

Sayeed found a rope, put a loop around his neck and kicked off the chair.

By the end of 2020 he felt completely overwhelmed by the suffering surrounding him. Like so many people, the effects of the global pandemic and other crises began to take their toll.

Today you can help people discover the hope of Jesus in the midst of overwhelming situations.

In March, as Azerbaijanis prepared to celebrate the national holiday Nowruz, they instead faced government enforced COVID-19 lockdowns. People were allowed to leave their homes for two to three hours a day only with special police permission.

Nowruz is one of the most significant holidays in Azerbaijan. People set aside five days to celebrate the new year and the coming of spring. Families clean their homes, collect flowers and paint eggs as gifts. They gather for a special meal. They go to festivals, musicals, and sporting events within their community. But as the pandemic swept across the globe, the streets of Azerbaijan laid empty, and families were prohibited from gathering.

The lockdowns continued on for months. By the summertime political unrest also riveted the country as tensions with neighboring Armenia heightened. The situation worsened, and in the fall, Azerbaijan was embroiled in a violent 44-day border war over the disputed territory. By the end of 2020, several thousand people across the small country had died from COVID-19 and hundreds of thousands more had lost their jobs and businesses.

Sayeed felt the stress of it all—the fear of the virus, the anxiety over his livelihood, the sorrow over so many lives lost. He couldn’t take it anymore, so he planned to commit suicide.

But when he slipped a rope around his neck and kicked off the chair, the rope around his neck broke, and he fell to the floor weeping. He picked himself up and made a choice.

He decided to find out more about the God who had given him a second chance.

You can help people like Sayeed hear about Jesus and the plans He has for their lives.

Sayeed went online and saw a Global Heart Ministries’ ad about discovering God’s plan for your life. He clicked on the ad and connected with a local team member who told him about God’s love and shared the Gospel. That day Sayeed made a decision to trust in Jesus.

He joined a local Underground Church where now he takes Bible classes and participates in local outreach events. Overwhelmed by the goodness of God and the kindness of His people, Sayeed does everything he can to share hope with others in need.

His family noticed the change in his life too. In just a few months, his sister, mother, father and aunt have come to faith. Their entire family has been transformed by the hope of Jesus.

Sayeed has also developed a relationship with our local Connect Center team. Every time he meets with our staff, he tells them about someone else who has heard the Gospel and made a decision to follow Jesus. Sayeed isn’t wasting his second chance—he’s telling everyone about Jesus and the new life He gives. 

As Nowruz arrives again this year, there are millions of people across Central Asia who are searching for hope and a fresh start. By partnering with Global Heart Ministries, you can help give women and men access to the message of Jesus in the most unreached region of the world. Through innovative technology and digital media, we share the Gospel with those who are searching for hope and connect them to the Underground Church where they can grow in their faith.

Will you give now to share the Good News with people like Sayeed and help them discover the One who gives new life and second chances?

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