Seeking America, Finding Jesus.

Rasul believed that his best chance for a better life was to run away from his country—and his past—and come to America.

Born in Azerbaijan to a nominal Muslim family, Rasul’s childhood was difficult. By the time he was a teenager, his life continued to worsen.

“Everything I touched was unsuccessful, and my relationship with my family was also bad,” he shared. By the time he was a young adult, Rasul began having hallucinations. Desperate for relief, he began praying for help. He worked his way through all the prophets, praying to each of them for assistance. But nothing worked.

Today you can help people like Rasul hear about the hope—and peace—found in Jesus.

As a Muslim he believed that Jesus was just like any of the other prophets. So Rasul prayed to Him too.

“When I called on the name of Jesus, He gave me peace. I could sleep.” Rasul recalls. “I began calling on His name every night, and Jesus came to me in a dream.”

Rasul wanted to know more about Jesus, but he didn’t know how. He also wanted to run away from Azerbaijan and all the pain it seemed to hold.

He went to two different churches in his city seeking answers, but they only told him his life was cursed. So he went to Facebook, searching for help. When he saw a Global Heart Ministries post, he clicked and was connected with a team member.

Rasul began asking our team member how he could leave his country and come to America. He was surprised by her response.

“She told me not to leave my country but to instead love my country,” he shared.

Our team member introduced Rasul to Jesus and told him about the One who had come to him in a dream. She gave him teaching materials so that he could learn more about the Christian faith. She also connected him to a local church.

He wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience changed Rasul’s mind about church and Christianity. The people at this church welcomed him and prayed for him. They genuinely cared about him and his life.

Rasul started reading the Bible and learning more about Jesus. And finally, he made a decision to put his faith in Him.

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A few weeks later Rasul was baptized. He is excited about the changes taking place in his life. “I feel the Holy Spirit at work in my life, and I have even shared Jesus with my mother,” Rasul said.

His relationships with his family members have improved. And today he has freedom and hope.

“For a long time, I had hate in my heart and bad memories. Those are gone now. I love everybody, even those who hate me.”

Rasul cannot wait to share the hope he has found with others. Even if he faces persecution, he still shares the Gospel. He draws strength and encouragement from his relationships with other believers at his local church.

Rasul was seeking America—but he found something else instead. A relationship with the God who loves him, will always be with him and gives him hope now and for all eternity.

Today there are millions of people across the Middle East and Central Asia who are searching for hope. Through innovative technology and digital media, Global Heart Ministries shares the Gospel and connects people to the persecuted church where they can develop relationships and grow in their faith.

Would you give today to help people like Rasul—sharing the Gospel with those who are searching for hope and desperate for peace? 

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