I Found the God I Was Looking For

Samir wrestled with the teachings of Islam. He questioned, “Why do I have to pray five times a day? Is God a terrible master waiting to punish me when I do wrong?

According to the Qu’ran, Allah is unknowable and created evil.  Man cannot have relationship with Him except to obey. But Samir still struggled, “I tried my best to observe all the rules, but blindly following rules did not profit me or God.” He said, “I decided to reject all religions and look for the true God.”

After that, Samir began searching, reading about religions and faith, watching films and trying to understand the nature of God. He attended a Forgiveness Seminar hosted by a team of locals and sponsored by GHM. He desired reconciliation with his estranged father. Consequently, he met Pastor A and his wife. This couple showed him love and demonstrated the light of God in their lives. In Jesus, God showed Samir the answers to his questions. “I found the God I was looking for. The God who cares, loves His creation, offers refuge and mercy.

As the time for his baptism grew near, fear gripped Samir and he asked the Lord for a sign that he was doing the right thing. As a result a dove flew through his window, made a few circles and flew away. The Lord often uses signs in this culture, and this was the sign he needed. He was baptized and began serving poor and needy families, sharing the Gospel and running social media for his church. Encouraged by Pastor A, Samir joined the Global Heart team and served as a Host Coordinator connecting new believers into the Underground Church. “I am so glad to be a part of this God-given ministry!”

Will you give today and ensure more people like Samir have access to the message of Jesus and find hope in Him?

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