Sakina felt crippled by fear—and nearly stopped sharing her faith.

“I was crippled by fear,” Sakina shared.

In Uzbekistan, politically imposed restrictions and community pressures make it extremely difficult to talk with people about Jesus. Christians who attempt to share their faith face threats, ostracism or even imprisonment.

Despite the risks, Sakina and her husband serve as local team members in the Global Heart Ministries’ Connect Center. Every day they create social media content that engages seekers and communicate with those who want to know more about Jesus.

Today you can help local team members like Sakina and her husband share the message of Jesus with people living in one of the most unreached regions on earth.

Together they want to see people in their closed country come to know the hope found in Jesus. But ministry can be difficult and even dangerous. “This is important work,” Sakina said. “But Satan doesn’t want me to do it. He’s using every possible angle to break me.”

For months Sakina and her husband faced opposition for sharing about Jesus. They were harassed and threatened by people online. One person even said he was recording their conversations about Jesus and would report the couple to local authorities.

Sakina felt crippled by fear. Everywhere she went, she started looking over her shoulder.

“I’m not afraid that they’ll kill me,” she shared. “But the fear is that there’s always someone there…coming for me.”

Many people think it’s not possible to reach people in Central Asia because of persecution. But using the very latest technology, we can bypass barriers and share hope with those surrounded by spiritual darkness.

At first Sakina tried to downplay her anxiety, but it only worsened. It began affecting her passion for talking about Jesus and her compassion for the lost. “At some point, I even felt hatred for my own people,” she said through tears.

Realizing she couldn’t ignore her anxiety any longer, Sakina decided to confront her feelings. She spent time alone in prayer and Bible reading. And she talked with her husband and the Global Heart Ministries’ team.

A few days later she reported, “Today that love for my people came back.”

Facing persecution and overcoming fear hasn’t been easy. But the process has made Sakina even more eager to share the Gospel. “It’s part of my journey. It’s part of my growth. Before I was afraid to even tell my friends I was a believer, but now I cannot imagine myself not sharing the Gospel. Now when somebody asks, I openly share.”

Sakina and her husband still face opposition in their work. But the fear that once followed her no longer holds her back. She knows that One greater than any attack is right there with her—guiding her every step of the way.

“We know and we believe this is the most important work we can do,” Sakina said.

Right now there are so many people across Central Asia who need to hear about the hope of Jesus. But it isn’t always easy for them to hear the Gospel. Political and cultural forces filter information setting up barriers to the truth. Religious oppression leaves people without hope. But through innovative technology and digital media, Global Heart Ministries bypasses barriers and shares the message of Jesus with people surrounded by spiritual darkness.

Would you give today to help provide access to the message of Jesus in the most unreached region of the world?   

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