Ruslan felt ostracized.

Today he’s found his place.

For years Ruslan struggled to find his place.

Growing up in a big family, his older brothers and sisters often bullied him. They resented the love and care he received as their parents’ favorite child. Even if Ruslan did something wrong, his mother and father punished the other children instead of him.

But his siblings made him pay for it.

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Because Ruslan struggles with speech impediments, including stuttering, he was often ridiculed. He frequently fought with his siblings. He began speaking less and less, closing himself off from others.

“Very often when I was offended, I simply closed myself in the bathroom, cried there and asked God why I was born this way,” Ruslan shared. “No one told me about God. I did not even know if He existed. But my questions were always addressed to Him. I sought an answer from Him.”

As he grew older, his uncle shared the Gospel with their family. Ruslan was able to attend an Uzbek church. For the first time he met people who didn’t focus on his speech impediments. He made friends who truly cared about him. When he was a teenager, he made a decision to follow Jesus and began serving at a Christian camp as a photographer and sound engineer.

He had the opportunity to attend a Christian school in Armenia. When he returned home to Uzbekistan, he decided to devote himself to ministry. But in a country with very few churches, and even fewer ministries, he didn’t know where to serve.

He went through missionary school. But he was disappointed to discover foreign mission work wasn’t his calling. He didn’t see himself as a pastor or minister either. He longed to discover where he fit.

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In 2020 a family member introduced Ruslan to our Connect Center team. He began using his skills to help the team with technology. Over time he realized he didn’t just enjoy using technology to share the Gospel, he also enjoyed engaging with seekers online.

Today Ruslan is a thriving leader of the Uzbek team. He loves using technology and social media to share the truth of Jesus. He’s a missionary to his own people.

“I realized that God put in me many gifts and talents, and that I want to be salt and light wherever I am and in whatever I do,” he shared.

After years of searching, Ruslan found his place and calling. He wants to help other young adults discover the plans and purposes God has for them and everyone else.

Today there are millions of people across Central Asia and the Middle East who are searching for meaning in life and seeking hope. Through innovative technology and digital media, Global Heart Ministries shares the message of Jesus, provides faith-building resources and connects people to the persecuted church where they can develop relationships with other believers.

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