You are Reaching a New Generation

We are the youth of this country, a new generation, a new breath for our people.

Isaac, In-Country Partner

When Isaac’s mother was pregnant with him, she trusted in Jesus. As a result, Isaac grew up in a Christian family, attended church and even served at children’s camps. But he still did not fully understand the Gospel. He thought God owed him blessings.

A Second Chance

When he was sixteen years old, his mother shared how she had taken him to the hospital when he was one year old. There he died in her arms. But after fervently praying, he miraculously came back to life.

After his mother shared this story, Isaac started to wonder why God had given him a second chance. He considered God’s plan for His life. Grace suddenly became real as he understood God did not owe Him anything but had freely given him all he had. Isaac committed his life to Jesus and to serving Him.

Everywhere he went Isaac told people about Jesus. He talked to his friends about his faith. And even while he served in the Azerbaijan military several years ago, he shared the Gospel and never hid that he was a Christian.

But after returning home, Isaac did not walk closely with Jesus. For three years he ran after other worldly pursuits, only to be disappointed.

Coming Back

God got his attention through a verse in Revelation.

So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.


Isaac repented and turned back to Jesus. And he has never looked back.

Today he is more committed than ever to reach the next generation with the Gospel. He plays sports with the youth in his village and talks to them about God’s love. He also serves in his local Underground Church.

“My vision is to start many house churches,” he shared, “and because of that, I and my friends travel across Azerbaijan visiting regions and villages where we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people. We do it for the revival of Jesus in Azerbaijan.”

God is using Isaac and other young leaders like him to reach Central Asia with the hope of Jesus. And together we can help them reach even more people with the Gospel.

Accepting New Orders

With the Azerbaijan and Armenia conflict intensifying, Isaac has been drafted into the military once again. Despite these unexpected events, he remains committed to sharing the message of Jesus with other young adults, including the soldiers he will serve alongside. Now more than ever, the next generation of youth across the region needs hope.

Especially with all that is happening right now, many young people across Central Asia are wondering about their purpose in life. Through innovative technology and digital media, Global Heart Ministries shares the message of Jesus with people searching for hope and helps connect them to the Underground Church where they can develop relationships and grow in their faith.  

Will you give today to share the Gospel with the next generation and help other young adults discover hope and the plans God has for them? Will you give today?

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