Rafi is changing his city.

Rafi knew there had to be Someone out there.

But he felt disappointed by God. He was tired of hearing about the day of wrath, punishment and fearing God. His religion seemed boring and failed to give him the peace and joy he longed to experience.

Together Today you can help young people like Rafi discover the truth about God and the hope He gives.

Growing up in a devout Muslim family, Rafi felt pressured to adopt the region of his parents. At the age of 10, he committed to following Islam. But when his religion failed to give him hope, he became an atheist, denying God completely.

Still he wondered, “Who is it? What is the name of this Creator?”

As he looked around the world, Rafi knew Someone must have made it. He turned to the internet for answers.

“Who is God?” he typed into the search.

He providentially connected with a group of Turkish believers. They told him about God the Creator. They shared the truth about Jesus. And Rafi responded in faith.

Rafi lives in a very historic—and deeply religious—area of Azerbaijan. Most people are hostile to the message of Jesus. His mother prays five time a day and faithfully keeping Ramadan. His father went to Russia for work but is also very committed to his faith. Before Rafi trusted in Jesus, there were no other known Christians in his village.

To protect himself, Rafi kept his faith quiet at first. But he longed to connect with other believers and grow in his understanding of Jesus. Again he turned to the internet for answers.

That’s when he connected with a Global Heart Ministries’ team member.

You can help seekers and new believers access faith-building resources and connect with an persecuted church in their area.

“Nobody in our house knows. I keep my faith in Jesus Christ a secret so that it will not be a problem,” he shared when he met our staff.

Growing up in the same town as Rafi, our team member uniquely understood the struggles and dangers he faces. She was able to provide him with a digital Bible and discipleship resources. Since there is not a church in his town, she helped him connect with other Christians via Zoom meetings. 

But Rafi is determined to change his city, no matter the cost.  

“I want to grow in faith and communicate live with [other believers] … to hear about Jesus Christ in my own language,” he said.

Since connecting with our staff, Rafi has told his teenage brothers about Jesus. They have also come to faith. He’s told his friends too. Several young people have trusted in Jesus. Global Heart Ministries’ church partners are now working to establish a discipleship group in their village.

Rafi reads his Bible and asking questions on social media daily. He can’t keep what he is learning to himself. Despite the risks of sharing Jesus in his town, he wants everyone around him to experience the peace and joy he has found.

“I told Jesus Christ to help me spend my whole life in His service,” he shared. At just 18 years old, he is committed to telling others about the hope of Jesus in the most unreached region of the world.

Today there are millions of young adults across the Middle East and Central Asia who are searching for answers and longing for hope. Through innovative technology and digital media, Global Heart Ministries shares the message of Jesus, provides faith-building resources and connects people to the persecuted church where they can develop relationships with other believers.

Would you give today so other young people like Rafi can discover the truth about Jesus and connect with a local persecuted church?

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