Lamiya was heartbroken, you gave her hope.

Lamiya was blindsided.

She failed her medical entrance exam for college and was abandoned by her boyfriend. The internet became a great distraction from the deep loneliness and disappointment she felt. A Google Ad popped up during one of her online searches. It said, “Are you searching for hope?” 

Lamiya thought she could use a little hope, so she clicked.

As a result, she began to read a Gospel presentation in her native language. She longed to be right with God and wanted more information about this Man named Jesus. She answered “yes” to praying for salvation, nervously typed in her contact information, and waited.

After 3 minutes, she received a text message from Fatima. Fatima works in our new Connect Center and received Lamiya’s contact information and location. The two women connected and began an important conversation. Fatima shared the hope of Jesus and encouraged Lamiya.  Ultimately, she helped Lamiya have a deeper understanding of salvation and Lamiya confirmed her commitment to Jesus with her!

Because of your gifts, Lamiya is now connected to a nearby church so she can grow in her new faith.

Our satellite TV programs have reached millions like Lamiya across the region for the past ten years. However, we had no way to communicate with viewers and connect them to an Underground Church. Until now.

Using innovative technology, digital media, and a team of in-country partners, we move people from a virtual online experience to a relationship with a church leader in their hometown.

Right now, as people like Lamiya are seeking answers to life’s biggest questions, you can give them the hope of Jesus. Will you give today? 

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