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In the Islamic faith one must often pay for prayer.

Tarana, our Azeri Social Media Evangelist and Program Co-Host, wisely posted on Facebook, “Free prayers in the name of Jesus…we are blessing and praying for all who are sick, unsuccessful and facing personal trials…” This opportunity to freely connect with God touched the heart of a teacher living Azerbaijan. Abbas M. was looking for answers to the demonic, spiritual suffering of his mother and sister. He was practicing a form of “Folk Islam,” a mixture of the occult, witchcraft and common Islam. His search led him to black magic trying to kill the demonic powers ravaging his loved ones.

Abbas responded to Tarana’s offer of free prayer. “Please can you answer me,” he pleaded.  Tarana’s huband, usually responds to requests from men, but Abbas was very persistent and desperate in his plea for answers. Tarana proceeded to warn him that the books on black magic belong to Satan and cannot help his family. Satan and his demons are liars and do not want humans to have peace. Peace and help can only be found in the person and work of Jesus, who loves him. Tarana further explained the Trinity, sin and repentance. When asked if he wanted to repent, Abbas retorted, “If I repent, I will sin again.” She pointed him to the Holy Spirit who will live inside him, leading and teaching him to sin less.

Praise God for Abbas who repented and became a Believer! As all former Muslims understand, the cost of following Christ is high. He gave Tarana his picture and asked for it to be given to the prayer team. “I will have difficult days ahead,” Abbas stated.

This courageous new follower of Christ joined the prayer group and Tarana connected him with a local Azeri pastor. Steve Sharp was able to confirm with this pastor that Abbas is transformed and now a committed and active member in their underground church.

What a powerful testimony! Praise God that together we can pray and offer the hope of Jesus to those in bondage, and community for those in isolation.

“Please give my picture to your prayer team. I will have difficult days ahead,” Abbas told Tarana.


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