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Imagine you’re surrounded by a government that monitors your internet, dictators who would imprison you and extremists who would kill you. The outlawing of Christian materials and the absence of churches or pastors are barriers to the Gospel we must overcome. Satellite broadcasting bypasses government barriers to deliver the Gospel safely into the living rooms of millions of viewers. Apparently, our satellite shows can also be passed along by USB!

Consider this testimony from a new believer in Uzbekistan and the vast opportunity for you to help transform lives by sharing the power of forgiveness and peace with men in Central Asia and The Middle East.

“As an Uzbek man, I always knew God created us and knows all our hidden desires and dreams, but one day my friend gave me a flash drive and told me that I wouldn’t be disappointed if I spent my time watching the program on it. When I saw that a cooking show was on the flash drive, I was so happy. I’m a man with a passion to cook. Besides cooking, the men in these programs were talking about things which grabbed my attention. They were talking about Jesus Christ as God, but I thought Jesus was only a prophet.

The next time I saw my friend I asked why those Uzbek men were saying that Jesus is God? He explained everything to me, and it turned my life and my heart upside down. I was so confused to hear that my sins could be forgiven in this life through Jesus Christ. My friend introduced me to other Christians, and they seemed very different from me—they had some kind of light in their heart—I thought it was because of their assurance of forgiveness of their sins. I also wanted to be forgiven of my sins and have the hope of joining God’s family in eternal life. I opened my heart to Jesus Christ! God used my cooking passion to lead me to find my Savior! “

“Hayot Noni” or “Bread of Life” is a men’s testimony/cooking show which brings former Muslim Uzbek men together for fellowhip and community, revealing the power of forgiveness and humility through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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Millions of people in the Middle East and Central Asia are suffering in silence while governments and strongmen keep them from hearing the Gospel.  Global Heart Ministries bypasses these barriers and goes straight to the heart with Christ-centered TV programming and digital outreach in languages native to Central Asia.  Your gifts to Global Heart are directly connected to more people hearing about Jesus and being saved.  Join with us today in fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.