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Sudaba was desperate and inconsolable after fleeing an abusive husband, a fate many women suffer in the Middle East and Central Asia.  She needed childcare for her four-year-old daughter so she could work outside the home. One of GHM’s Social Media Evangelists put Sudaba in touch with Milana, the Pastor’s wife, from an underground church in one of our target nations. Milana invited Sudaba to church and they stayed in touch through phone conversations.

One day Sudaba’s husband, Joseph, unexpectedly attended church with his estranged wife. During the service, Joseph was so nervous he began twitching and behaving very strangely. He was not receptive to the Gospel message of Jesus and couldn’t wait to leave. After church the Pastor and Milana approached Joseph and offered to pray for him, but he refused. They left the church yet continued conversations with Milana. She was faithful to build trust with the couple by helping them, talking and continuously inviting them to church.

Moved by Milana’s persistence, Joseph and Sudaba attended another underground service. Joseph twitched and hissed during the message and Sudaba begged Milana to pray for her husband after the service.

“Don’t look me in the eye. I don’t want you to pray over me. They say you are bad and want to harm me. You are dangerous.” Joseph scowled at the offer of prayer and put on his sunglasses.

Milana was suddenly overcome with a strong presence of the Lord and incredible courage to pray anyway.  She was joined by her husband and another Pastor who all laid hands on Joseph and called out to the Lord on his behalf.

The believers prayed for several minutes in the name of Jesus, forbid any unclean spirits to speak and any evil spirits to be cast out of Joseph’s body. Joseph suddenly fell to the ground and according to Milana looked like “a pierced ball, as if emptied of something, something very tangible.”  Once Joseph began moving, he seemed transformed in the way he looked and behaved, he seemed…free. Renouncing all evil and unclean spirits, Sudaba and Joseph repented of their sins and proclaimed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior that day!

We wrestle against the spiritual forces of darkness in this world and are called to engage in the battle. Partner with us by praying for this young couple as the Holy Spirit helps them grow in their new faith. Pray for them to regularly attend church and Bible studies so they gain knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Pray for the leaders in the church who are discipling them. Pray also for the Church in America to engage in the battle for our brothers and sisters in this dark and spiritually active region of the world. 

*All names have been changed for security. 

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Millions of people in the Middle East and Central Asia are suffering in silence while governments and strongmen keep them from hearing the Gospel.  Global Heart Ministries bypasses these barriers and goes straight to the heart with Christ-centered TV programming and digital outreach in languages native to Central Asia.  Your gifts to Global Heart are directly connected to more people hearing about Jesus and being saved.  Join with us today in fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.